Saturday, January 24, 2009

Assassin with stolen rig

The Assassin was dury rigged today to do some load testing on the wingframe and mast stump. It's all coming together nicely and looking good. We have opted to run with a compression strut, although it took full vang loads without it, we don't want to take any chances with breakages at this stage. Excuse the excessive rake, the vectran forestay stretched with extreme vang loads. Looked like the boat was going to take a lot more than the boom.
All in all our assembly and testing is going very well and we hope to have the boat on the water in the next few days. The wand mechanism is all dry fitted and looking very precise, and our rotating mast stump is working well. Hopefully foiling tacks will be a lot easier. We are all hanging out to get this boat sailing..

More pics can be viewed on our trademe ad, link below

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Assassin Moth almost ready for testing


All the rumors from down under have turned into reality with the latest designed hydro foiling moth being produced out of New Zealand. Named 'Assassin' this highly anticipated boat has been the focus of many moth mutterings.
The prototype is currently been fitted out ready to start on water testing early next week. Boat number two weighing in at a mere 8.5kg is looking to be on track. The main focus of the Assassin has been on minimization to reduce windage, reduce overall weight and gain maximum speed. We have gone for a more displacement hull shape with softer lines to help increase our speed at the lower end, so we can get to take-off speed sooner. Along with the flush deck and moderate reverse sheer in bow, the assassin has a slightly radical look. The surface area of the hull and decks is less than 4m2. The sleek, low windage elliptical carbon wing frame is bladder moulded. The frame fits into the deck sockets,making for ease of packing. The foils have been a high focus point, and with the help of top boat designers and engineers, we have a two piece foil, no torpedo, low drag while still maintaining maximum lift. Our wand mechanism has a direct link to the top of the centre board with minimum linkage joints, for precise control. We are using the latest design Southern Spars carbon masts, which have just about completed testing.

The Assassin is designed to be a top full carbon boat, that is ready to go straight out of the box. We are proud that the Assassin is manufactured in New Zealand by Assassin Boats, at an affordable price. Currently $6800 USD (in reusable fibreglass box ex factory in NZ) Contact email: Our website is due to be launched shortly, when we start marketing

Link to our ad on Trademe below: