Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brownie from Southern Spars testing the Assassin

Andrew Brown giving the Assassin a work out.

It was really nice sitting on the shore watching the Assassin at work, the extra rocker in the stern really looking effective taking off along with the full length round chine. The original gantry in a modified plug in form will be coming back, it looked to be way less drag than the tubular one that is on the boat now.

Brownie had a smile from ear to ear after not sailing a moth since the Aus Nationals, and was quick to book another sail with a little less rake and more lock on the steering

Prime spot for the worlds one day!

I'm sure he'll be back in the class some time soon, I don't think he can say no to a sail on a foiler.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Assassin loving the ocean

Assassin moth testing is going great with the boat starting to be pushed hard. No major problems just a few little niggles which are being tweaked. The gearing adjustment screw bent in 20-25kts of wind. Had a good days sailing on the sea yesterday. Drifted around in the morning in about 4-5kts and then had a blast in the afternoon when a front came over with 20-25kts. The Assassin handled the wind range nicely. The boat sets up well with slight weather helm without extreme mast rake. Height doesn't appear to be an issue. Didn't get any pictures out on the sea as we didn't have the chase boat there, so you will have to make do with more lake photos for now.

Even easy for old guys to do foiling gybes...