Friday, December 11, 2009

Assassin Coaching

A full coaching service is available, including video analysing to help you get the most out of your Assassin if you were wanting a little bit of extra help. Coaching is done by top moth sailor and olympian Andrew Brown who is also a qualified professional coach. Andrew has been busy tuning his Assassin up and has racing tips and updates available for all Assassin owners.
See his website - and contact Andrew direct for pricing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Assassin Upgrades

Andrew Brown has been spending time tuning up his new Assassin with some promising speeds being recorded. We are currently working on some racing upgrades that will become available shortly. Picture above is the specialised Assassin height adjuster which will be sold in a kitset form a quick and easy upgrade. Brownie is extremely happy with the boat and looking forward to sailing it more...and from his feedback we are currently working on fine tuning tips for your Assassin.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Brownie in training on the Assassin

They just keep getting younger and younger! Almost 3 year old Cameron Brown checks out Sams new Assassin and the new aero tramps. The tramps are still in testing stages and part of Assassins huge ongoing Research and Development programme. Little Cam gave it the thumbs up, and looking very relaxed on the Assassin Dad (Andrew Brown) better watch out!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Foil Comparison (that would be the Assassin one bottom of pic)

The moulds for the new Holroyd main foils have finally arrived, and look great. We excitedly preped them up and laid up our first main foil. Out of the mould the sharp sleekness is sure to impress as there are no other foils like it. Designed and engineered by two of the worlds best, Nick Holroyd and Giovanni Belgrano, there have been huge advancements not only in the shape of the foils but also in how they are put together. Our end result is something really special. We will be completing our on the water testing this weekend, after which they will go into full production. All new boats from now on will come with the new Holroyd foils and all other Assassin owners will be receiving their new foils over the next few months.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NZs ASSASSIN Fleet growing

Fifteen year old Sam Schofield spent his school holidays working in the Assassin factory. After a lot of hard work and dedication the final result was his own Assassin, ripe and ready to hit the water. He will be training for the Dubai worlds with the rest of the NZ team out of Wakatere Yacht Club on Aucklands North Shore. A very happy Sam can now push the Laser back into the shed and start sailing a real boat....

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Dubai 2010 worlds are silently creeping up on us and time is flying by. We anticipate having several Assassins attending the worlds with several top sailors aiming for a podium finish. Olympian Andrew Brown is kicking off his campaign by putting an unofficial entry into an endurance race up the coast of New Zealand. Known as the Coastal Classic, the race starts in Auckland and ends 119miles up the coast in Russel, Bay of Islands. A team of three will be sailing the Assassin during the race, Andrew Brown, Chris Steele and 15yr old Sam Schofield. It will be a gruelling race and hopefully the weather will be kind enough to get a record finish. Andrew is our main on the water tester here in NZ, and has helped the Assassin evolve.

Over in Europe we have the current Olympic 49er Gold Medallist,Jonas Warrer, waiting patiently for his Assassin so to begin his training for the Dubai Worlds. There are also also several other world/Olympic and top mothies aiming to make a showing at the next worlds.
The delivery times for a new Assassin has been pushed out into early next year, so if your thinking about ordering a Assassin for the worlds it would pay to get in soon. At the moment there are 10 build spots available before the 2010 worlds.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Out Of The Mould

The first Holroyd rudders are out of the mould and ready for on the water testing. It is an very exciting time for us. We are happy with the results so far and can't wait to get our full set of Holroyd foils out there. See photos of the first rudder straight out of the mould.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moth Worlds 2009 Underway

The 2009 International Moth worlds have started with practice races completed and the real racing underway. With a smallish fleet of only 47 boats, it still has cast a large audience with people watching the events from all over the world. The fleet consists of top level sailors, with many olympians and world champions entered. Racing in the gorge has proved to be difficult, with strong currents and high winds and many many gear breakages all though the fleet. Its going to be a interesting regatta. In the Assassin we have Chris Steele, a previous optimist world champion, who is getting it all together very quickly (having only sailed the moth a couple of weeks before leaving for the worlds). He suffered some gear failure in the US nationals week but luckily many people have been helping him and the others out. Thanks to Devin Bader, Kevin Hall, and John Barlett for all your help. Its verification of what a great class the international moth is with sailors helping other sailors. Also sailing the Assassin is Devin Bader and Anthony Boscolo both from the US. Good luck to everyone competing at the 2009 Moth Worlds.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Not quite ready but we are there. 26.3 knot peak (25.8 10 sec average) against the gorge current there was a little oops. With a brand new boat straight of the box, our Darren special temporary rudder foil had some issues, dislocated itself. Impressed by the speed, but are a little afraid of our soon to be released Holroyd foils - Rudder foils are currently being built and the main foil is about to have the mould machined. Rudder mould looks great, see the sneak preview below.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Almost there with our newly designed Holroyd foils. The rudder mould is due tonight and the centreboard mould is about to be machined. We were lucky enough to get Giovanni Belgrano, legendary composite engineer, to sort that side out.

We have three boats at the worlds this year, currently with our temporary foils but are hoping to get some rudders over there before the worlds start. We will see.

Its been a long winded process with several holdups out of our control but we are happy with the end result, they are looking spectacular and was well worth the wait...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Assassin Hits Europe

European Reseller Announced

Assassin is ricocheting into Europe as we officially introduce our new European Reseller Felix Schulte, from Germany. We are really excited having Felix onboard, he has a deep enthusiastic energy that is right behind the Assassin Moth. We can now offer a spare parts hub right in the centre of Europe, with the aim of keeping Assassins on the water and our customers happy. Felix is extremely outgoing and approachable and is dedicated to hydro foiling moths. He is in a perfect position to maintain and service the European boats (having already built several moths himself). He is also multi lingual, which is handy, and if he can’t speak the language he has got staff that can. Most people already involved in the moth class will already know, or have heard of Felix.

Felix has been out to New Zealand and visited the Assassin factory. He is currently awaiting the arrival of his Assassin SS in August. At the moment Felix is looking after the following countries: Germany, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Rep, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Hungary.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Assassin Foils Offical Press Release

Team Assassin is pleased to announce the worst best kept secret. Technical Director at Emirates Team NZ, Nick Holroyd, has come onboard and agreed to design a full set of ‘Assassin’ foils. Nick comes exceptionally highly qualified and has given the Assassin a special edge with highly advanced technology that is undeniably fast. There really is no need for introduction to Nick as I’m sure anyone in the know will know who Nick Holroyd is..

Nick is currently in his forth consecutive campaign with ETNZ. In the 2007 campaign he was a senior Naval Architect and was the design liason in the ‘Balance and Tuning’ group that was responsible for recording and optimising there sailing modes on the yacht. He was primarily responsible for the appendage design and general application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the 2000 and 2003 Americas Cup defences.

We are very excited about this latest development. The foil design is an integral part of the international moth and we believe there is no better person for the job. Assassin has stepped up and is arguably the most highly spec’d hydrofoiling moth available in the world, with an unbeatable price tag. We thank Nick for coming onboard and supporting Assassin, proudly New Zealand designed and built.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pewaukee Assassin

With the first Assassin hitting the lakes of Pewaukee, fellow mothies are sneaking over to suss her out...general concensus blindingly fast..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Assassin hits the States

The first Assassin has arrived in the US and has hit the water for its first sail. The new owner wasted no time getting his Assassin together and continuing his preparation for the 2009 Worlds. Great feedback was received, he too was surprised at how easy the Assassin is to sail and feels he can push the boat much harder than his previous moth. The next few months are going to be interesting...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Production of Assassins underway

The first of the production moths are out the door on the way the USA, to prepare for the 2009 worlds. The Assassin GRS would have to be one of the highest speced moths currently available on the market. The following top suppliers have climbed on board to generate a good package at an unbelievable price (In fact I believe the Assassin is the cheapest competitive moth in the world, unlike some falsely claim to be)

Our top Suppliers:

- Southern Spars (skinny high mod mast on all models and carbon tubing)
- Doyle Sails (SS Sails and covers)
- North Sails (GRS Sails)
- Ronstan (deckgear and FSE robline rope)
- Endeavour Engineering (all CNC machined parts)
- Adhesive Technologies
- High Modulus
- PJ Hobbs

We are happy with the results and it has been worth the wait to get it right. We are a bit behind schedule but are catching up fast, and upsizing to get our lead times down.

Thank you to everyone that has helped on the Assassin project. It is certainly something to be proud of. And of course thank you to all our customers so far who have got in and supported us by ordering an Assassin.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't get enough

14 year old Sam Schofield having a blast, and looking fast.

Assassin kids are coming...look out!

A bunch of Kiwi kids are ready to ditch their optis for the Assassin. The excitement of sailing a hydrofoiling moth has proved too much for the junior fleet. Its looking like there is going to be a good junior fleet of Assassins next season racing out of the North Shore , Auckland, and aiming for the worlds down under. The general consensus is that the Assassin is an easy boat to sail and push hard. Watch out all you oldies, the kids are coming… Might have to lift your game cause they are fast!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brownie from Southern Spars testing the Assassin

Andrew Brown giving the Assassin a work out.

It was really nice sitting on the shore watching the Assassin at work, the extra rocker in the stern really looking effective taking off along with the full length round chine. The original gantry in a modified plug in form will be coming back, it looked to be way less drag than the tubular one that is on the boat now.

Brownie had a smile from ear to ear after not sailing a moth since the Aus Nationals, and was quick to book another sail with a little less rake and more lock on the steering

Prime spot for the worlds one day!

I'm sure he'll be back in the class some time soon, I don't think he can say no to a sail on a foiler.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Assassin loving the ocean

Assassin moth testing is going great with the boat starting to be pushed hard. No major problems just a few little niggles which are being tweaked. The gearing adjustment screw bent in 20-25kts of wind. Had a good days sailing on the sea yesterday. Drifted around in the morning in about 4-5kts and then had a blast in the afternoon when a front came over with 20-25kts. The Assassin handled the wind range nicely. The boat sets up well with slight weather helm without extreme mast rake. Height doesn't appear to be an issue. Didn't get any pictures out on the sea as we didn't have the chase boat there, so you will have to make do with more lake photos for now.

Even easy for old guys to do foiling gybes...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Assassin Website Live

Assassin has launched the website for more info on the Assassin Moth, built in New Zealand for the world.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Assassin on the water

Sitting in the factory listening to the roller doors being buffered by 30+ knots and the rain relentlessly falling, the wet dog looking miserable curled up in the doorway, we decided to save the Assassins first sail until some better weather came along. Luckily we had that opportunity the next day, and strapping the Assassin down on the roof racks we snuck off to find the Assassin some water. It was all very exciting and also a little bit nerve racking. The Assassin was rigged up, no problems there we had done that enough in the factory, and lifted into the water. Everyone waited with baited breath as Darren flipped her up, jumped in and then disappeared off, straight up on foils. The Assassin exceeded all expectations, being seemingly easy to sail, hitting speeds of over 24knots in around 14knots.

We are extremely happy with the Assassins performance, only a few minor changes are needed. Main sheet bridal and Vang needed shortening, and wand needs to be stiffer, which was why she was flying a bit low. The wand mechanism proved to be a great hit, being simple and precise, allowing easy adjustment. The rotating mast stump worked well, allowing Darren to do his first ever foiling tack! All in all the Assassin is looking very fast, and very easy to sail.

Shame he couldn't steer straight....bit rusty I think, spending too much time designing and building Assassins...Although i admit he was sailing on a rather small lake which was very fluky wind with 90deg shifts and some big holes...(or maybe he was swerving around a clump of lake weed!!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Assassin is available in two models

Assassin GRS which is the premium racing machine, with base boat @ around 8.5kg and finished in clear carbon, this boat is for experienced moth sailors and will dent if abused with 6mm foam core.

Assassin SS which has newly developed dent resistant core that we will keep under our hats for now! base boat @ around 10kg finished in Assassin grey or clear carbon.

Both boats are currently the same price, and come with a two year transferable warranty, contact us for the details.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The week of Assassin

After being side tracked for a week doing a rush job for a customer we are now full time back on the Assassin. Due in the water next week, the Assassin is sure to impress. Nearly completely fitted out its all looking good. A lot of time has been spent getting everything 'just right' and its all come together extremely well. A well thought out layout will make Assassins first sail a breeze. It certainly will be interesting as we have high expectations and are 100% positive that the Assassin will not disappoint.

New link old one is down

Attached is a new Trademe link for better pictures. We had a bit of a war with them sorry.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Assassin with stolen rig

The Assassin was dury rigged today to do some load testing on the wingframe and mast stump. It's all coming together nicely and looking good. We have opted to run with a compression strut, although it took full vang loads without it, we don't want to take any chances with breakages at this stage. Excuse the excessive rake, the vectran forestay stretched with extreme vang loads. Looked like the boat was going to take a lot more than the boom.
All in all our assembly and testing is going very well and we hope to have the boat on the water in the next few days. The wand mechanism is all dry fitted and looking very precise, and our rotating mast stump is working well. Hopefully foiling tacks will be a lot easier. We are all hanging out to get this boat sailing..

More pics can be viewed on our trademe ad, link below

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Assassin Moth almost ready for testing


All the rumors from down under have turned into reality with the latest designed hydro foiling moth being produced out of New Zealand. Named 'Assassin' this highly anticipated boat has been the focus of many moth mutterings.
The prototype is currently been fitted out ready to start on water testing early next week. Boat number two weighing in at a mere 8.5kg is looking to be on track. The main focus of the Assassin has been on minimization to reduce windage, reduce overall weight and gain maximum speed. We have gone for a more displacement hull shape with softer lines to help increase our speed at the lower end, so we can get to take-off speed sooner. Along with the flush deck and moderate reverse sheer in bow, the assassin has a slightly radical look. The surface area of the hull and decks is less than 4m2. The sleek, low windage elliptical carbon wing frame is bladder moulded. The frame fits into the deck sockets,making for ease of packing. The foils have been a high focus point, and with the help of top boat designers and engineers, we have a two piece foil, no torpedo, low drag while still maintaining maximum lift. Our wand mechanism has a direct link to the top of the centre board with minimum linkage joints, for precise control. We are using the latest design Southern Spars carbon masts, which have just about completed testing.

The Assassin is designed to be a top full carbon boat, that is ready to go straight out of the box. We are proud that the Assassin is manufactured in New Zealand by Assassin Boats, at an affordable price. Currently $6800 USD (in reusable fibreglass box ex factory in NZ) Contact email: Our website is due to be launched shortly, when we start marketing

Link to our ad on Trademe below: