Saturday, October 30, 2010

Assassin e2


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Assassin Evolution 2

Assassin GRS just got even better. After taking on board feedback received from our Assassin Sailors we have decided to produce the Assassin evolution 2. Some of our sailors were having trouble with slow lowriding sailing, mainly before the starts, and would have quite liked to have a raised foredeck. The new foredeck incorporates the upper wing bars into the mould, giving a stiff flex free platform for the mast. Heavy air performance has been optimised by lowering the mast to reduce windage and increase righting moment. A new tubular gantry has stiffened up the rudder area and greatly improved downwind control. An option of high modulus wing bars is also offered.
The whole boat itself is a lot stiffer with minimal hull penetrations to reduce the risk of leaks, and a new wingbar setup, using easily obtainable round bars, which are extremely quick to put together and assemble at regattas if needed.
Reviews of the new model have been highly positive, the excitement is contagious as summer slowly hits downunder.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Assassin Update

The New Zealand Assassin Moth fleet has grown somewhat in the last few months. We have made the most of it to work on fine tuning and refining the heavy air performance.
The new Assassin website will be up this week where spare parts can be purchased online, along with all the latest goss. We have several new upgrades available including a new tubular gantry, raised foredeck and a whole new weapon, the evolution 2 about to hit the water. It will be launched this week so watch this space.

Also check out our new Asian dealer based in Singapore - and our European dealer based in Austria - Niki Liebscher who is doing a great job promoting the Assassin in Europe.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Assassin Moth Sailing School

Hi all

This weekend was the opening of the NZ Moth School, the only thing that wasn't organised was no one ordered the wind. Otherwise lots of people came along, with a lot of interest in what we are doing so overall a good day.
If you want to have a go on the moth phone Andrew on 027 2225159 (NZ)

Next weekend will be more exciting with some good weather forecasted. The first lesson is at 930 at Lake Pupuke.

Cheers Brownie

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rob Gough Assassin Sailing

We had the pleasure to meet Rob Gough from Tassie last week while he happened to be over in New Zealand. He had a couple of days set aside to do a bit of sailing in the Assassin along side Brownie. The first day was great and Rob proved to be very fast in the Assassin. Second day we thought we would go out in the rib and get some video footage, unfortunately the winds were not on our side and we ended up spending most of the day at the local cafe on the beachfront. It was really great to hear such positive feedback from Rob. He seemed to approve of the hopeful NZ worlds venue too....which would have been perfect if the seabreeze made it in!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Business Awards 2010- Assassin finalist

Export NZ bay of Plenty have just announced the finalists with Assassin Moth up for the emerging exporter of the year award. The awards are hotly contested by local companies, who in the recession have prospered and experienced significant growth. We are really excited about being one of only three finalists in this highly prestigious award. The other 2 finalists are Steve Bird winery and vineyards and Pollen Plus. Five judges will be around at the Assassin factory next week, with the awards ceremony held on June 25th.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Winter is here...

Unfortunately for us Kiwis winter is upon us and the dry suits have made an appearance. (for those of us who are a bit soft..) Still, plenty of mothing happening around the place as many of the kiwi sailors just can't give it up. Photos are Andrew Brown out this week on a very cold crater lake - Lake Pupuke.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Regatta Photos - 24/25 April

Some pics of the latest regatta here in NZ, more up on the website and video up on youtube.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Second Day of the ANZAC regatta - Takapuna NZ

The second day was unfortunately a bit of a hit and miss as sailors waited around on Takapuna Beach for the sea breeze to come. Was a beautiful day on the beach, great for a picnic...lots of sunshine....not a lot of wind. Finally around 2pm a small breeze tried very hard to come in and the decision was made to begin racing. Kevin Hall decided to spend the day with his family, so just the 3 Assassins went out. Sam Schofield with his light weight and full sail was unbeatable winning the first 2 races comfortably, followed by Andrew and Matt. With the moth fleet all low riding it wasn't as exciting as the day before, and I think the sailors were getting a little bored. The final 2 races of the day were called off and the regatta came to an end. Final results: Andrew Brown 1st, Sam Schofield 2nd, Kevin Hall 3rd and Matt Vincent 4th. All in all was a well run regatta, in arguably the best sailing waters in the world. The moths created a lot of attention, it helped having the racing quite close into shore so was easy for on the shore spectators to watch. Thank you to Takapuna Boating Club.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


After the first day of the Anzac weekend regatta (held at Takapuna boating club, NZ) Andrew Brown in his Assassin has a clear lead. Two top sailors are going head to head, Kevin Hall in his Mach2 and Andrew Brown in his Assassin. Andrew claiming 3 wins out of 4 races today has put him in a 2 point lead with young Sam Schofield also in his Assassin coming in third. and Matt Vincent (Assassin) currently 4th. Racing has been very close, with a lot of interest as Andrew and Kevin have aways been close in competition.
Takapuna boating club once again has put on a great regatta, to be continued tomorrow with more great racing. See the footage coming soon up on you tube user name : assassinmoth

Friday, April 16, 2010


Forceracing is proud to announce the all new and first ever moth school downunder, launching on the 1st July 2010 at Lake Pupuke, Auckland, NZ. Known as the "Moth Experience" with a brand new purpose built Assassin Moth for the job. The “experience” will be based mainly at Lake Pupuke and will be run in partnership with MAD LOOP WINDSURFING/Meltemi Beachcats, and ASSASSIN MOTH.

More details to come on the packages available for giving Moth sailing a go or to earn your ‘wings’ as a moth sailor. If you want to find out more about the Moth Experience don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Brown, More information will be up on the Forceracing website, the AssassinMoth website and the Meltemi Beachcats website in the coming weeks.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Anzac Weekend Training
Takapuna Boating Club are holding an ANZAC weekend regatta, 24-25 April with an open invit to all Moths. The Friday night before (23 April) Andrew Brown, Kevin Hall and Darren Schofield will be available to discuss the hydrofoiling moth. They have an intense deep knowledge of setting up the moth and sailing tips not to be missed by all moth sailors. Everyone is welcome.

New Zealand Nationals 2010
The NZ International Moth Nationals are now scheduled to be held in October 1st-3rd at Murrays Bay Boating Club, incorporated into the annual Wincham regatta. Our NZ fleet of hydrofoiling moths is starting to grow, with sailors of varying skills from newbies to elite. We encourage all Moth sailors to come and have a go, no matter what your level (you won╩╝t be the only one) There is much to learn and plenty of help available, and it will be a lot of fun! Details/NOR will be released shortly.

Europeans Switzerland 2010
Several NZers are thinking about attending the 2010 Europeans, held this year at Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland. It should be quite an event with Assassin represented by many of the European sailors.

2011 Worlds Belmont Australia
The 2011 International Moth worlds are being held next January 8-15th, at Lake Maquarie, Belmont. This is expected to be a huge event. See the dedicated blog for more info. Assassin Moth are sending a team to the worlds, please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of going and would like any help getting boats there etc. We will have an Assassin support team available at the worlds for those who need help setting their boats up or fixing their boats up.. We have a series of training events coming up later in the year to help prepare for the worlds. All sailors welcome, even if not going to the worlds.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Upgrade your moth with the all new Assassin Holroyd foils. Now in full production and available for delivery April onwards. After an intensive testing and trial period we are now confident in the design and extremely happy with the numbers they are pulling. Chris Rast (USA) was the first to try them on his X8 Bladerider, with the Assassin foils fitting straight into the boat, he responded with the following feedback:

"Performance wise the foils were very impressive. Because of the long vertical on the rudder I was able to ride high and fast. With my standard bladerider I was as fast and often faster than many of the Mach2s!!! Upwind and Downwind...."

We currently are trialing a rudder on a Mach2. The foils are versitile enough that they will fit onto almost any moth.

Assassin Holroyd Rudder

Assassin Holroyd Main Foil (unpainted)

Assassin Holroyd Rudder front on, slim design vertical

Assassin Holroyd Rudder

With their unique bulbless design, and absolute mininium section thickness they have proven to be extremely fast in the light to moderate, regulary hitting 27kts. The rudder is a one piece, with the horizontal foil in front to reduce ventilation, and the vertical tapered in both directions, making for a finer faster foil(even fits in a Bladerider box!) Comes complete with a Ronstan custom made tapered tiller extension, the battlestick, with a comfy hand grip and the worm drive etc.

The Main foil, also tapered in both directions, is two piece with a advanced flap hinge that doesn't rely on Sika to hold it together.

All current Assassin owners will get the new foils as a free upgrade. Foils will be delivered in Feb/March. Orders are being taken now for extra sets, available for delivery April onwards. Get in now to avoid disappointment.

Friday, January 29, 2010

New year, new shed, new boats on time....

Assassin has started the new year off with a bang, and a few new year resolutions! All our new orders will be on time! It has been a big issue with boats going out the door late and we have made sure that won't happen again. We thank all our customers who have had to wait longer than expected for their patience and understanding. Last year was tough, not quite knowing how things were going to pan out and several issues that had to be addressed. Overall we are very happy with the direction that the Assassin is going in and we are looking forward to a very fulfilling and sucessful year. We might even have time to get some sailing in ourselves...

Starting the year off in a new factory Assassin now has a dedicated Moth Building facility of over 600sq/m, a huge relief after our much smaller temporary factory. Being well setup we are much more efficient and moving forward in leaps and bounds. Our development programme is constantly testing new ideas and refining the boat, getting feedback from our professional sailors. We now have blistering speed in the light with our new low drag Holroyd foils without losing our top end speed, several boats are currently flirting with 30knots - but no proof yet! Won't be far away...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some old fella cruising around in his kids Assassin

Darren snuck out in Sams Assassin to do some more on the water testing of the foils. Not having been sailing for several months he still found the boat easy to handle and was cruising around the harbour at an average of 19kts in around 8-10kts of wind strength. Even with the breakers rolling in the entrance and the harbour quite sloppy he had no dramas. Assassins so easy to sail anyone can do it..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peter Burlings First Moth Sail

Top NZ 49er sailor Peter Burling took the Assassin out on Tauranga Harbour for his first introduction to moth sailing. Being a natural he was up and off. I think he's caught the foiling bug, his dad may have to share his Assassin...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Assassin Boxing Day Sail

Brownie drifting along nicely in about 2 knots

Andrew Brown up on foils in 4-6 knots of breeze

Sam Schofield doing 18 in 3-6 kts..

and Danielle Schofield having her first Assassin Sail in about 0-2kts