Friday, February 5, 2010


Upgrade your moth with the all new Assassin Holroyd foils. Now in full production and available for delivery April onwards. After an intensive testing and trial period we are now confident in the design and extremely happy with the numbers they are pulling. Chris Rast (USA) was the first to try them on his X8 Bladerider, with the Assassin foils fitting straight into the boat, he responded with the following feedback:

"Performance wise the foils were very impressive. Because of the long vertical on the rudder I was able to ride high and fast. With my standard bladerider I was as fast and often faster than many of the Mach2s!!! Upwind and Downwind...."

We currently are trialing a rudder on a Mach2. The foils are versitile enough that they will fit onto almost any moth.

Assassin Holroyd Rudder

Assassin Holroyd Main Foil (unpainted)

Assassin Holroyd Rudder front on, slim design vertical

Assassin Holroyd Rudder

With their unique bulbless design, and absolute mininium section thickness they have proven to be extremely fast in the light to moderate, regulary hitting 27kts. The rudder is a one piece, with the horizontal foil in front to reduce ventilation, and the vertical tapered in both directions, making for a finer faster foil(even fits in a Bladerider box!) Comes complete with a Ronstan custom made tapered tiller extension, the battlestick, with a comfy hand grip and the worm drive etc.

The Main foil, also tapered in both directions, is two piece with a advanced flap hinge that doesn't rely on Sika to hold it together.

All current Assassin owners will get the new foils as a free upgrade. Foils will be delivered in Feb/March. Orders are being taken now for extra sets, available for delivery April onwards. Get in now to avoid disappointment.