Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Brownie in training on the Assassin

They just keep getting younger and younger! Almost 3 year old Cameron Brown checks out Sams new Assassin and the new aero tramps. The tramps are still in testing stages and part of Assassins huge ongoing Research and Development programme. Little Cam gave it the thumbs up, and looking very relaxed on the Assassin Dad (Andrew Brown) better watch out!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Foil Comparison (that would be the Assassin one bottom of pic)

The moulds for the new Holroyd main foils have finally arrived, and look great. We excitedly preped them up and laid up our first main foil. Out of the mould the sharp sleekness is sure to impress as there are no other foils like it. Designed and engineered by two of the worlds best, Nick Holroyd and Giovanni Belgrano, there have been huge advancements not only in the shape of the foils but also in how they are put together. Our end result is something really special. We will be completing our on the water testing this weekend, after which they will go into full production. All new boats from now on will come with the new Holroyd foils and all other Assassin owners will be receiving their new foils over the next few months.

Monday, October 12, 2009

NZs ASSASSIN Fleet growing

Fifteen year old Sam Schofield spent his school holidays working in the Assassin factory. After a lot of hard work and dedication the final result was his own Assassin, ripe and ready to hit the water. He will be training for the Dubai worlds with the rest of the NZ team out of Wakatere Yacht Club on Aucklands North Shore. A very happy Sam can now push the Laser back into the shed and start sailing a real boat....