Saturday, October 30, 2010

Assassin e2


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Assassin Evolution 2

Assassin GRS just got even better. After taking on board feedback received from our Assassin Sailors we have decided to produce the Assassin evolution 2. Some of our sailors were having trouble with slow lowriding sailing, mainly before the starts, and would have quite liked to have a raised foredeck. The new foredeck incorporates the upper wing bars into the mould, giving a stiff flex free platform for the mast. Heavy air performance has been optimised by lowering the mast to reduce windage and increase righting moment. A new tubular gantry has stiffened up the rudder area and greatly improved downwind control. An option of high modulus wing bars is also offered.
The whole boat itself is a lot stiffer with minimal hull penetrations to reduce the risk of leaks, and a new wingbar setup, using easily obtainable round bars, which are extremely quick to put together and assemble at regattas if needed.
Reviews of the new model have been highly positive, the excitement is contagious as summer slowly hits downunder.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Assassin Update

The New Zealand Assassin Moth fleet has grown somewhat in the last few months. We have made the most of it to work on fine tuning and refining the heavy air performance.
The new Assassin website will be up this week where spare parts can be purchased online, along with all the latest goss. We have several new upgrades available including a new tubular gantry, raised foredeck and a whole new weapon, the evolution 2 about to hit the water. It will be launched this week so watch this space.

Also check out our new Asian dealer based in Singapore - and our European dealer based in Austria - Niki Liebscher who is doing a great job promoting the Assassin in Europe.