Friday, January 29, 2010

New year, new shed, new boats on time....

Assassin has started the new year off with a bang, and a few new year resolutions! All our new orders will be on time! It has been a big issue with boats going out the door late and we have made sure that won't happen again. We thank all our customers who have had to wait longer than expected for their patience and understanding. Last year was tough, not quite knowing how things were going to pan out and several issues that had to be addressed. Overall we are very happy with the direction that the Assassin is going in and we are looking forward to a very fulfilling and sucessful year. We might even have time to get some sailing in ourselves...

Starting the year off in a new factory Assassin now has a dedicated Moth Building facility of over 600sq/m, a huge relief after our much smaller temporary factory. Being well setup we are much more efficient and moving forward in leaps and bounds. Our development programme is constantly testing new ideas and refining the boat, getting feedback from our professional sailors. We now have blistering speed in the light with our new low drag Holroyd foils without losing our top end speed, several boats are currently flirting with 30knots - but no proof yet! Won't be far away...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some old fella cruising around in his kids Assassin

Darren snuck out in Sams Assassin to do some more on the water testing of the foils. Not having been sailing for several months he still found the boat easy to handle and was cruising around the harbour at an average of 19kts in around 8-10kts of wind strength. Even with the breakers rolling in the entrance and the harbour quite sloppy he had no dramas. Assassins so easy to sail anyone can do it..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peter Burlings First Moth Sail

Top NZ 49er sailor Peter Burling took the Assassin out on Tauranga Harbour for his first introduction to moth sailing. Being a natural he was up and off. I think he's caught the foiling bug, his dad may have to share his Assassin...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Assassin Boxing Day Sail

Brownie drifting along nicely in about 2 knots

Andrew Brown up on foils in 4-6 knots of breeze

Sam Schofield doing 18 in 3-6 kts..

and Danielle Schofield having her first Assassin Sail in about 0-2kts