Monday, April 26, 2010

Second Day of the ANZAC regatta - Takapuna NZ

The second day was unfortunately a bit of a hit and miss as sailors waited around on Takapuna Beach for the sea breeze to come. Was a beautiful day on the beach, great for a picnic...lots of sunshine....not a lot of wind. Finally around 2pm a small breeze tried very hard to come in and the decision was made to begin racing. Kevin Hall decided to spend the day with his family, so just the 3 Assassins went out. Sam Schofield with his light weight and full sail was unbeatable winning the first 2 races comfortably, followed by Andrew and Matt. With the moth fleet all low riding it wasn't as exciting as the day before, and I think the sailors were getting a little bored. The final 2 races of the day were called off and the regatta came to an end. Final results: Andrew Brown 1st, Sam Schofield 2nd, Kevin Hall 3rd and Matt Vincent 4th. All in all was a well run regatta, in arguably the best sailing waters in the world. The moths created a lot of attention, it helped having the racing quite close into shore so was easy for on the shore spectators to watch. Thank you to Takapuna Boating Club.