Sunday, June 7, 2009

Assassin Hits Europe

European Reseller Announced

Assassin is ricocheting into Europe as we officially introduce our new European Reseller Felix Schulte, from Germany. We are really excited having Felix onboard, he has a deep enthusiastic energy that is right behind the Assassin Moth. We can now offer a spare parts hub right in the centre of Europe, with the aim of keeping Assassins on the water and our customers happy. Felix is extremely outgoing and approachable and is dedicated to hydro foiling moths. He is in a perfect position to maintain and service the European boats (having already built several moths himself). He is also multi lingual, which is handy, and if he can’t speak the language he has got staff that can. Most people already involved in the moth class will already know, or have heard of Felix.

Felix has been out to New Zealand and visited the Assassin factory. He is currently awaiting the arrival of his Assassin SS in August. At the moment Felix is looking after the following countries: Germany, Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Rep, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Hungary.