Saturday, February 21, 2009

Assassin on the water

Sitting in the factory listening to the roller doors being buffered by 30+ knots and the rain relentlessly falling, the wet dog looking miserable curled up in the doorway, we decided to save the Assassins first sail until some better weather came along. Luckily we had that opportunity the next day, and strapping the Assassin down on the roof racks we snuck off to find the Assassin some water. It was all very exciting and also a little bit nerve racking. The Assassin was rigged up, no problems there we had done that enough in the factory, and lifted into the water. Everyone waited with baited breath as Darren flipped her up, jumped in and then disappeared off, straight up on foils. The Assassin exceeded all expectations, being seemingly easy to sail, hitting speeds of over 24knots in around 14knots.

We are extremely happy with the Assassins performance, only a few minor changes are needed. Main sheet bridal and Vang needed shortening, and wand needs to be stiffer, which was why she was flying a bit low. The wand mechanism proved to be a great hit, being simple and precise, allowing easy adjustment. The rotating mast stump worked well, allowing Darren to do his first ever foiling tack! All in all the Assassin is looking very fast, and very easy to sail.

Shame he couldn't steer straight....bit rusty I think, spending too much time designing and building Assassins...Although i admit he was sailing on a rather small lake which was very fluky wind with 90deg shifts and some big holes...(or maybe he was swerving around a clump of lake weed!!)